Losing Those Extra Pounds

Having trouble losing those extra winter pounds?

Sick and tired of yo-yo dieting?

The secret to keeping your weight off is to change your habits. Here are some eating habits you may be lacking that could be causing your weight to yo-yo up and down:

  • Feel comfortably full with smaller portions.
  • Don’t eat unless you are truly hungry.
  • Stop using food as a reward.
  • Stop eating when you are stressed or emotionally upset.
  • Stop feeling deprived when you can’t have your sweets and carbs.
  • Feel happy when people compliment you on your weight loss(if it makes you feel uncomfortable you may regain the weight just to avoid getting the extra attention).
  • Make your health and happiness a priority.( Stop placing everyone else’s needs above yours and sacrificing your exercise and alone time).
  • Appreciate your inner beauty so you still feel beautiful even if you aren’t as slim as you’d like to be.
  • Make regular daily physical activity a priority.  Exercising for one or two hours a day and then being sedentary the remaining 22 is not sufficient to keep your metabolism high. Moving your body for 15-30 periods in the morning, afternoon and evening will burn more calories as well as reduce stress eating. Any physical activity will work-walking, jogging, dancing, doing yoga as long as you enjoy doing it.  

Don’t get down on yourself if you’re having trouble motivating yourself to do the things I just listed. Using conscious willpower is often not enough to change ingrained bad habits. Hypnosis makes it a lot easier to change your habits.

Before seeing us, most of Kim’s and my weight loss clients were yo-yo dieters. We help them need less willpower and enjoy their new eating habits so they become an integral part of their lifestyle.

“Before visiting ABC hypnosis I was a girl in her mid 20’s that struggled with her weight and motivation which then caused many more issues with my self confidence. I would eat large portions and then make myself feel bad about this, I would constantly look in the mirror and be very disappointed and then my motivation would decrease and I would give up. After only a few session my eating has improved immensely and after only eating small amounts of healthier choices I feel full and do not go back for more. My motivation has increased and I now workout everyday even if it only a small amount. I look at myself in a  whole new light.

      Big thanks you to DR Bob for my new outlook on life”. 😁 Robyn Leyman

If you would like to lighten up this Spring but require some help, please feel free to give Kim and I a call.