To Hell With Circumstances; I Create Opportunities.

A few weeks ago I was really in the mood to start my day with one of my early morning joyful walk/runs in front of the huge wooden H at Heritage Park just off 14 St. S.W. I also had a craving(should I admit that) for a good bagel.  My plan was to have a sweet run and then dash off to the Montreal Bagel Factory which is less than 3 minutes away by car from HeritagePark on Elbow.

By the way if you like Montreal bagels, you will love these bagels. The owner actually worked in a bagel shop down on St. Viatur in Montreal and uses the identical brick oven they use in the Montreal bagel factory.

As I was driving down 90th   Ave I realized I didn’t have enough time to take a run and stop for some bagels if I was to be on time for work. The thought “O darn it”(or close to that) crossed my mind. But I was still determined to get squeeze a run in and I so turned into Glenmore Shopping Centre which borders the Glenmore Resevoir and parked my car. I walked up the hill in back of the shopping centre that leads to the running path and actually walked to the H sign in less than 5 five minutes and then sprinted back.  Since I had just used up 10 minutes, I had enough time to dash into Cobbs Bakery and get some buns for my lunch.  

 As I walked into the bakery, I spotted a sign behind the front counter saying New Cranberry-Orange Cross buns. There staring at me through the glass counter were these piping hot cross buns oozing with cranberries and oranges. I love cranberries and oranges and so I thought I will take this opportunity to try one.  I took a bite and it tasted even more delicious than the usual raisin cross buns. I bought a half-dozen.(to be shared with my family of course)

 Walking quickly to my car I passed by Macdonalds and decided what could be better than a polishing off my hot cross bun with a steaming hot coffee.  So I dashed in and glanced at the ordering counter and to my delight there were no other customers waiting to be served. It took a less than 3 minutes to order and pay for medium black coffee. I quickly dashed outside and sat down on a bench. Then I drank my coffee and ate my cranberry orange hot cross bun in what could only be described as a state of bliss.

The moral of this story is to take whatever circumstance you find yourself in and like Bruce Lee once said, create opportunities.  Had I insisted on taking a run and going for bagels I would have either had to forgo one activity or alternatively been late for my client.  But because I was able to go with the flow I was able to do both and still be on time for my client.

Don’t forgo your daily physical activity because you don’t have the hour that’s required to take a full 1 hr zumba, spin or aerobic class. See it as an opportunity to do less intense more frequent short intervals of physical activity.  Head out for a 10 to 15 minute early morning walk or run.  Or hop on your bicycle. Surely you will be able to find at least one or two more times during the day to get outside again for 10 minutes or so.

The advantage of not doing a strenuous hour long or even longer workout is that you that you don’t get so exhausted by the mid-afternoon.  Even a 10 minute walk run bicycle ride outside revitalizes.  I guess it’s partly due to all that fresh air.

Okay so it’s gotten somewhat colder 0 degrees but that’s no excuse to stay cooped up inside.  Just dress warmly and in the afternoon, maybe around 2:00pm or just before supper take a beautiful 15 minute walk run.

 Have a Happy Easter!