How To Remain Peaceful

I read an article recently in the Calgary Herald quoting research that showed the tremendous amount of fighting in the world today- (Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, the U.S., etc.) is affecting our state of peacefulness.  You can add famines in Africa, fighting in the middle east, Ebola outbreaks and other terrible things to the list of horrors.

But if you stop and think about it, when hasn’t there been a time in the history of man that there haven’t been wars, revolutions, famines, devastating hurricanes, earthquakes and outbreaks of disease.

Given the selfish tendencies of mankind and the outbreaks of uncontrolled diseases, there will probably never be a predominantly peaceful world.  Even if there was peace in terms of world politics, humans would still have there insecurities. The fact is true peacefulness does not come from external events. It can only come from within.  If you want to be peaceful and happy despite all of the strife in the world, I highly suggest you meditate. If you don’t know how go to  It’s an awesome 21 day course delivered by one of the giants in the self-awareness field Dr. Deepak Chopra.  I have been listening to it and feel it has a lot to offer. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Shanti (Not to be confused with the beer/lemonade combo). It means peace in Sanskrit.

Dr. Bob