Live, Laugh and Love Yourself!

Several local hypnotists and I went down to see Terry Stokes perform his stage hypnosis at the Calgary Stampede. It was very funny. I always wondered how a pregnant rooster would give birth to big baby. The guy he hypnotized to do it was very entertaining and sounded just like a rooster who was giving birth.

 Although I find stage hypnosis entertaining, I find its scope and appeal really pales in comparison to the kinds of things I do in my professional practice. I think harnessing the power of the mind to achieve important goals is so much more exciting and relevant.  I am in still in awe of how two my last weight loss clients lost 5lbs after their first session.  They were even more impressed by how incredibly calm and relaxed they were after the hypnosis.

 One client got an emergency call from her mom just two days after her hypnosis session. Her stressed out Mom wanted her to drop everything she was doing and come and take care of her alcoholic brother.  Instead of allowing her Mom to guilt her into scrapping all of the things she had planned on her day off, she calmly said “I can’t come now. I have to take care of myself” and proceeded to go the gym to work out and then go to take a Yoga Class.

 Many people are not aware that low self-esteem plays a major role in the development of a weight problem. Here’s how. People who have low self-esteem do not value themselves.  Instead of valuing and taking care of their needs they feel guilty if they can’t save world.  They feel that everyone’s needs are more important and so they are willing to forgo their plans the second someone asks them to do something.

 People with healthy self-esteem value themselves.  They make the fulfillment of their needs a priority.  They are not perfectionists. Perfectionists are constantly finding flaws with themselves and find it difficult to be satisfied until they get something perfect.  Which means they can’t be happy until they reach their goal.  They don’t realize life is a journey and how important it is to appreciate the progress they’ve made and find something to be happy about each and every day.

 Talk about being happy. It’s my time to get outside and enjoy the day. The birds and nature are calling me.  I feel like I am 20 again and I can conquer the world.  Sylvester Stallone holds nothing on me.

 Have a beautiful day!

 Dr. Bob