There's An Effective Way To Stop Gambling

Are you one of those poor souls who wonder why you are hopelessly addicted to gambling? Ever wondered if anything can get you to stop considering you are already in debt up to your eye balls and have borrowed from friends and family? I am sure you are ashamed of the fact you will never be able to repay them.

Here is a sure fire way you will stop or at least cut back drastically on your wasteful habit.  It’s to ask politicians to pass a new law that would require incorrigible gamblers to wear a non-removable tag sewn to their behind or maybe a tattoo on their forehead that would alert any gambling establishment not to admit.

Of course I am half-kidding.  But don’t expect government or casinos to try and find any effective treatment.  The money you lose at the gambling parlors is boosting the government purse in the same way the money from smokers pays government salaries and Alison Redford’s expensive travelling itinerary.

The onus on finding a solution, like most things in life is on you.  But I do want you to know that I have used hypnosis to help many gamblers stop gambling their life earning’s away.  I have looked into the deeper causes of a gambling problem. They almost always involve having a very negative self-image. The general subconscious belief most addicted gamblers have is” I am a loser”. And this existed prior to the gambling. The losing one’s shirt at the gambling table or machine reinforces a pre-existing self-image of being a failure.  The reason for the low self-image is these people have experience a continual barrage of failures often including marriages, relationships and businesses.

Look at gambling as an altered state, kind of like a subconscious personality, that provides an escape from the very painful thought everything I do turns to sh….t.  If only for a few moments of glory “I can hit the jackpot and feel like a winner. This blind hope of being a winner provides them the unconscious reason they can’t quit.  Being the failure they have deemed themselves makes it impossible to win at life any other way.

Because gambling is a no win situation, you are bound to fail and every time you do it only confirms your sense of yourself as the world’s biggest loser.

The goal of treatment is to help find out where this low self-esteem and identity as a failure is coming from and then help you remove it and begin believing in your ability to succeed at life.  Hypnosis helps reprogram your negative beliefs and develop a positive self-image.

Well I am starved right now. It’s 12:00pm. I lifted weights and ran this morning before I came to the office. So I am heading to my fridge this second and pull out my kale salad and tomatoes.

And I can’t weight. I am really hungry.  By the way, I wrote weight instead of wait on purpose. When you eat and you are genuinely hungry everything you eat turns to health and nothing is stored as fat.

I walk my talk.

Have a Great weekend and Keep moving!!!

Dr. Bob